ToonTubers League 2021 | A Cartoon Network's Event

In 2021 we developed the promotional website for Toontubers League, an e-games event produced by Cartoon Network for Latin America. The story of the event was related to the fight of all the cartoons in order to defeat the Annoying Sport Announcer, the villain, who will take the Cartoon Network brand if he won the event.

Following the storytelling, where a character tries to invade the brand, we created a website where, after some seconds, the villain starts to hack it, so the user will see how the content of the website and the design will start to change in front of his eyes.

The site will change while the user navegates it. The villan will modify the images with his face everywere, the content of the texts, and the structure of the page, transforming (or breaking) the page slowly, with funny things, keeping the disruptive soul of the Cartoon Network's brand.

This page not only has the needed information to know more about the event, it works as a key part of the storytelling behind it.