Scoobtober | A Cartoon Network's game

For Halloween, Cartoon Network trusted in Broom to create Scoobtober, Escape from the Haunted Carnival, a memory game where the user must overcome different boards remembering a sequence of movements in order to unlock all the games of the carnival.

Each level has a different board, some more complex than others based on the amount of boxes and layouts, who will affect the complexity of the path that could been formed.

The game has a 1 vs 1 mode, where two users could compete, adding one step to the sequence on each turn and trying to remember each step, because if one of them makes an error, the other one will win.

After each turn, a random animation will appear on the bottom of the screen recreating a chase scene, a classic Scooby Doo gag, where the characters and monsters will appear doing funny weird things over a fairground cart.