We are BROOM!

If you are reading this is because you are interested in know who we are. At first, we are a design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a lot of experience in branding and the design and development of websites. Second, we are a group of young friends (or not so young) who meet working together in big global companies, and we love art and design in all their branches.

In our portfolio we have international projects for brands like Cartoon Network, Mercado Libre, Pushkin Industries and Oreo. We put the best of us in every job that we do in order to bring the best results to our clients, thinking in detail on the solution for each problem.

We are specialists on branding and UX design, with a big experience in both areas. We can develop websites too, with advanced knowledge in the development for popular platforms like WordPress, Tienda nube and Shopify.

If you have any question or you need a graphic design or UX specialist, do not hesitate to contact us!

Nicolás Rago

Graphic designer and UX designer.

Nico studied Graphic Design in the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in Argentina and delved into UX working for huge brands like Warner and Mercado Libre. He is a big fan of cats and music (he is a great drummer), and he faces every challenge giving it his all
Nico se formó formalmente como Diseñador Gráfico en la UBA, y profundizó en el UX trabajando para marcas como Warner y Mercado Libre. Fanático de los gatos y la música (es un virtuoso baterista), enfrenta cada desafío dándolo todo.

He won the third prize in a poster contest organized by Fernet Branca, one of the most popular contests among the graphic designers comunity in Argentina, and won an honorable mention in the next one. We manages the images creation with great skill, and his UX knowledge makes nico an unique designer.

Leonardo Barberis

Graphic Designer, UX Designer and Full-Stack developer

Leo studied Graphic Design in the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Multimedial design in the National University of Arts (UNA) in Argentina. He is an expert in every part of the process of the creation of an interactive experience, from the idea and design to the development.

He worked several years as scriptwriter and animator in a cartoon production company and as UX designer and developer in the Cartoon Network's digital team for Latin America.

His multiple skills in different areas make Leo a designer with a broad vision that he applies to each project he faces, always achieving the best result.

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