Pushkin Industries | Podcasts & Audiobooks production company

In conjunction with a change on the visuals of the brand, Pushkin Industries (one of the most important podcasts and audiobooks producer in the United States) contacted us in order to develop their new website, that should accomplish two objectives: First, give their users a deep experience to be different than what their competitors were doing and, second, have a platform that could be easily updated, taking in consideration the huge amount of content that they launch every week.

We developed a WordPress based website with a huge amount of personalized tools to achieve those objectives, with plugins developed just for this project, who includes an automatic episode creator based on the new content uploaded into different external platforms, a lot of interrelated customized post types (for example, shows related to their creators and episodes and special content related to that show), special blocks created to manage the content in a very easy way, etc.

We modified the WordPress code in order to load every page in a dynamic way, to allow the users to listen the episodes while they read different pages of the website without loose the audio player.

Each episode has a descriptive text with extra information related to the subject of the audio, with images, videos and comments written by the website editors, using special tools that we developed for them.

With the experience that we created for this website, Pushkin became a very strong brand, over their competitors, increasing their market share and transforming themselves, from another podcast production company on the market, to be the most important one in the United States, optimizing at the same time the site management tasks.

In their own words: The website exceeded their expectatives, and was the first step of a huge accelerated growth of the company. We thanks Pushkin Industries for trust in our work, and we are very happy for been part of their path to the success.