Jime con J | Professional Photographer

Jime con J is the brand of the proffesional photographer Jimena Genaro, a brand that must be adapted to be over any photography without loose presence and that must be shown in multiple physical or digital places.

We decided to create a logotype with the same proportions than the most used sizes in printed photography, with bold non-gestural lines so it could be easily separated from any image that could be behind it. The absence of colors, with the only possibility to use the logo in black or white, allows a good contrast with any kind of background, choosing one color or another according to the convenience of the case.

As the brand must be addapted to multiple sizes and formats, we choose to create a simplyfied version of it, to use in cases where the brand should be small to give the main protagonism to the photography.

We developed a website with integrated e-commerce based on WordPress in order to make it's content easily edited by the owner, with a completly customized platform to add the logo and the frame to each photography just in seconds.