CLO! | Resto bar

CLO! is a restaurant brand focused on a family experience.
We designed a typography brand, where the dots transform a simple word into an image, like a fun game on the logotype, a transgresion like the one that CLO! wants on their customers experience, transforming it into something unespected.

CLO! wants to be a different brand, a one close to their customers and, at the same time, accessible and sophisticated. In order to highlight the experience on their shops, we decided to create more than 50 illustrated paintings with caricatures of beloved and important characters of the pop culture, that were exposed in the walls, like if the restaurant were an art museum.

The CLO! costumers enjoy observing the attractive artistic paintings, that invite them to tour the place and not just sit on a table, eat and leave, like they do in the competitor's places.

All the graphic pieces follow the aligment of the rules defined in a very precise brand guide, in order to make an efficient communication along all the restaurants of the franchise, transimiting the same and powerfull philosophy behind the CLO!'s brand.

The typography design, the way of talk to their customers, the illustration process, all is very detailed in the brand guide.